Indie game PR and Marketing

Player Two is your specialist indie games PR and marketing sidekick, whether you make PC, console or VR games and experiences. We'll make sure the game you've spent years making actually gets the attention it deserves.


Player Two promotes your indie games, whether you're a developer or publisher of games on PC, console or VR. That's the short version, at least.

We know that every game is unique, and we're not into the cookie-cutter approach - so we'll always work out a specific strategy first and tailor the promotion package to what you need:

      • Online/Print PR
      • YouTube/Twitch promotion
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Community Management
      • Kickstarter Campaigns
      • Digital Marketing
      • Events planning and pitching

Don't take our word for it

Charlene landed us widespread coverage beyond our dreamiest hopes. She’s focused and organized, her knowledge is vast, and she fought relentlessly for our game.
— Daniel Weinbaum, Eastshade Studios
Working with Charlene was fantastic. She’s super knowledgeable about the indie game PR scene and got us some great coverage. I really appreciated being able to focus on dev work, knowing that we were covered on the marketing front. Fingers crossed we get the chance to work together again sometime!
— Joshua Hurd, Sparrow House Games
Our collaboration with Charlene was brilliant.
She quickly got us coverage thanks to her network and her effortless understanding our game’s spirit. We’d be delighted to work together again.
— Dorian SRed, NO_cvt