Meet Your Player Two

Player Two is your specialist indie games PR and marketing sidekick, whether you make PC, console or VR games and experiences.

We'll make sure the game you've spent months (or years) making isn't gathering digital dust on fifty people's Steam shelves. Admit it, that would be pretty sad.

Every studio, every game is unique. We always handle each campaign according to your own needs and wants, working hand-in-hand on the best strategy and messaging to suit you, before making the magic happen.

We believe in amplifying your message and letting your personality shine, not toning it down - because quite frankly, that'd be boring. And we don't do boring. For that matter, we don't do BS or cookie-cutter approaches either (although we do love cookies.)

Check out the blog for some tidbits of advice. If you ain't got no time for that whole marketing thing and you need someone to do the 'dirty work' for you, have a look at what we can offer or simply get in touch for a free consultation!

Charlie's Stats

Weak points

  • Gif addiction
  • Will quote films and books
  • Clumsy around doors

Strong points

  • Bilingual
  • Decent strategy gaming skills
  • Pop culture scholar
  • Coffee adds +1 int / +2 vit

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