What we do

PR campaigns

We work closely with you to figure out what makes you and your studio special, and work out the best way to get you positive media attention. Just like we know your game needs a unique approach, we also know each journalist, each media outlet has their preference - so we reach out to our media list personally, to ensure you get the best media coverage.

Influencer relations

Let’s face it, it’s 2019 and no gaming media plan would be complete without streaming and video content. We can find the right match between your game and each influencer’s audience, to show your game in action at key points in your campaign. You’ve worked so hard to craft it, you may as well show it off.

Event representation

E3, Gamescom, PAX, EGX, GDC… You name it, if you’re showing your game there, we’ll book your media schedule.

Need an on-site sidekick? We’ll be right by your side, looking after media demos and coordinating interviews, at the ready with coffee/hand gel/lozenges. We got your back.